Scratch My Thing

4.3 ( 4223 ratings )
Geliştirici: Its Shiny, LLC
1.99 USD

For Birthdays! For Holidays! For Every-days!

Scratch My Thing is an exciting, new app that lets you turn any picture into a surprise for a friend! The difference between just giving someone your stuff and giving them a gift is the three short, but potent seconds of fun as they unwrap the present. With Scratch My Thing you can transform a photo into an experience and entertain your friends by giving them the gift of a tiny mystery!

You start by taking a photo, using one from your library, your facebook account, or one you made on Instagram. Then, you pick a wrapper, our name for the “gift wrap” for your image. Then you share it with friends and they ‘scratch’ it off with their fingers, revealing the picture below.

Build a following with the most entertaining scratches! Be a good friend and send priceless images to family and friends! Send a scratch and a smile and get one back in return!

All of the wrappers in this version are free and available.